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 Beyond belief, there are bacteria,fungi hypha and microzyme existed in the beautiful picture, which is a electron micrograph of dishcloth used in kitchen. Apparently, bacteria is closecontact to our life every day, so we must be on the stick for threaten of "Bad Bacteria".  Up to now, purifying bacteria DNA from kinds of sample, then doing PCR test is the most effective method to detect "Bad Bacteria".

Bionew™ bacterial DNA purification kit is a effective tool to help your work for bacteria detection, not only because its good purification effect, but also because its automated operation. By automated operation, you only need add the sample into 96-well plate, and press "start". If you make the bacteria DNA purification manually, think about it, nobody want to contact "bad bacteria" over again, but actually you need do it to complete the manual purification. It is a absolute terrible feeling to everyone who need do the manual purification of bacteria DNA.

Bionew™ bacterial DNA purification method, which is the use of magnetic beads covered with nucleic acid–binding matrices. Its theory is nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) in the solution is specifically adsorbed to the surface of magnetic beads because  the following action: (i) shielded intermolecular electrostatic forces, (ii) dehydration of the DNA/RNA and beads surfaces, and (iii) intermolecular hydrogen bond formation in the DNA/RNA–beads contact layer.

Bionew™ bacterial DNA purification kit, can be used for bacterial DNA purification of CT,NG,UU,TOX, TB,MP,etc, which had been validated.

Using spin column to purify DNA from samples is conventional method now, which required DNA was adsorbed to the membrane by centrifuge or vacuum, which bring not only DNA but also cell debris and other precipitate to the membrane. The membrane can be clogged because of the precipitate, then result in inefficient recovery of samples. Especially for samples to detect bacteria, such as whole blood, saliva, buccal swabs, sputum, etc, because only small quantities bacteria existed in the sample. If the membrane is clogged because of sample, then bacterial DNA is lost in the course of samples DNA purification.

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