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A recent developed DNA/RNA extraction method is the use of magnetic beads covered with nucleic acid–binding matrices. Its theory is nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) in the solution is specifically adsorbed to the surface of magnetic beads because the following action: (i) shielded intermolecular electrostatic forces, (ii) dehydration of the DNA/RNA and beads surfaces, and (iii) intermolecular hydrogen bond formation in the DNA/RNA–beads contact layer.

Bionew™ Viral RNA purification kit is exactly the magnetic beads based viral RNA extraction kit.

Up to now, purifying Viral RNA from kinds of sample, then doing RT-PCR test is the most effective method to detect " RNA Virus". RT-PCR step is easy, you only need add the purified RNA into RT-PCR reagent and do the RT-PCR reaction in the PCR instrument.

But to obtain the purified viral RNA, you need do the viral RNA purification manually,which including lysis, binding, wash1, wash2, elution, and which required several times of centrifugation, and frequent opening and closing of lids, and frequent drawing and pumping. You cannot but do every step manually with a threaten of contacting the virus over again.

People are all seeking one solution to change the status. And the appearance of Bionew™ Viral RNA purification kit and Bionew™ automated nucleic acid purification instrument, is the perfect total solution for viral RNA purification.

Bionew™ Viral RNA purification technology is the leading technology on a global scale, which detection limit is higher than one famous brand also based of magnetic beads purification, Ambion. It means using Bionew kit can detect less copies of RNA virus than using Ambion kit. Now we Chinese people can buy better kit than Ambion with lower price than Ambion. Please consult the " Bionew™ Viral RNA Assessment Report" in “产品说明”.

Using Bionew system is very easy.By automated operation, you only need add the sample into 96-well plate, and press "start". Please consult the "Bionew Automated Nucleic Acid Purification.wmv" in “视频展示”

 What are you waiting for? Please contact Bionewtech immediately, Tel: +8621 33737426, Email: , and get more information just now

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